Home PC Dropsy adventure game looks cute, is probably terrifying.

Dropsy adventure game looks cute, is probably terrifying.


The most terrifying thing about clowns is that they are clowns. Last year these menaces laid siege to an unsuspecting California town and now they’re here to try and trick us into thinking they are “wholesome” and “fun” and “not secretly aliens hiding amongst us now that X-Files is coming back and will remind us to trust no one- especially not clowns”.


This orchestrated deception is being perpetuated by a new point and click adventure called Dropsy, about a clown that may or may not have killed his mother in a circus fire. The creators are billing this as a “hugventure” implying that the clown will actually touch people. One only assumes this is an effort to desensitize our species to their presence in preparation for colonization.

Dropsy is available via Steam for under $10 and is getting some pretty good responses. While it appears cute and subversive, I remain unfooled as to the true motivations and will not be welcoming our new clown overlords.




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