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Watch This Bizarre Japanese Commercial for PS4’s Tearaway

You might have thought the recent Japanese ad for Destiny: The Taken King was a bit unusual, what with it featuring a Destiny armor-wearing man screaming into a washing machine. Well, that’s no longer the strangest game commercial of the month, as Sony has released a new one advertising the new PS4 version ofTearaway.


The video features a woman wearing a safari outfit with a stoic expression on her face. She’s shown playing in between shots of gameplay, and all the while a song is being sung about the game’s unique control scheme. At one point, she sort of flies into the air; other times the camera seemingly lingers on her for too long, almost as if this were a Tim and Eric bit.

However strange the ad, Tearaway Unfolded–the name of the PS4 version of what was originally a Vita game–is a very good game. There’s new content and reworked controls, and as the video shows, those with a PS4 camera can still see their own face floating in the sky.




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