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Sagat and G shine in Character Trailers for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Sagat and G shine in Character Trailers for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Capcom has released two new character trailers for the introduction of Sagat and G into the rosters of its fighters in the new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The new trailers go in-depth explaining the two new character’s fighting styles and more. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is releasing today for the PC and PS4. Owners of the regular Street Fighter V can upgrade to the Arcade Edition with a DLC purchase.


The first character we see, is long-time Street Fighter member Sagat. The imposing Muay Thai fighter has made it his life goal to defeat Ryu, ever since receiving a devastating loss and subsequent scar on his chest. Sagat’s V-Skill powers up his following Tiger Uppercut with  increased damage and stun, granting the tall fighter enhanced chances of juggling the opponent. His V-Trigger 1 awards a projectile-based special move which hits 5 times, with V-Trigger 2 enabling the Tiger Rush and Tiger Spike attacks. The former being a double-hitting strike and later a chargeable spin kick which can guard break when charged.


The second fighter highlighted in today’s character introduction video is G. This eccentric fellow has only one wish. To become the President of the World. Yep, no biggie. In his noble quest to unify the world, G uses social media to spread his message. As a prospect President, G can charge his Presidentiality level to a maximum of 3 which enhances his special moves. His V-Skill creates a force field called G-Barrier that can block single-hit projectiles, with his V-Trigger 1 having three effects. It lets him cancel his special moves into each other, boosts all special moves to level 3 Presidentiality and adds a projectile effect to his V-Skill. G’s V-Trigger 2 enables G-Explosion, an uppercut and G-Rake, a grab attack.

Check out both Character Introduction videos to learn more about Sagat and G, and see both in action. Sagat and G will be available to purchase separately for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money, and are included in the Season Pass 3 for $29.99. The pass also includes Cody, Blanka, Sakura, and Falke. The Arcade Edition includes every new character from the season passes and releases today digitally as an upgrade or full standalone release, and physically in stores.

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