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Check out the huge World of Just Cause 4 in newly released Online Map

Check out the huge World of Just Cause 4 in newly released Online Map

Avalanche Studios has put the whole game map of the upcoming Just Cause 4 online on the game’s website. You can check it out by going here. Just click on “Launch Map” and you’ll be greeted by the insanely large game world.

You can even zoom in on the map to get a slightly better idea at what structures, cities, mountains, airports etc. are located. The online map sadly doesn’t zoom in that far but hey, Avalanche can’t give away all secrets about their game this early, now can they.

It’s still a pretty neat early look at what awaits players and unsurprisingly, it’s going to be an immensely large playground where our series protagonist Rico Rodriguez can cause all kinds of majestic destruction.

Just Cause 4’s world is set in Solís, a vast South American island state. The island is home to four distinct biomes, as clearly visible from the map. From rocky and dry region to lush and dense forests, Solís if offering a varied landscape. The open-world is truly deserving of its name with an insane playable area of 1024 square kilometres. It will take a lot of exploration to uncover all secrets Solís has to offer.

As unveiled early on, Avalanche is putting extra care into a newly designed extreme weather scenarios. These random occurrences can happen at any time or are permanent risks at certain spots, and manifest in a variety of forms. Tornados, Sandstorms, Lightning and Blizzards spice up the already chaotic action gameplay and offer new mechanics to exploit and use against enemies.

Black Hand, the evil mercenary group of the Just Cause series, is once again oppressing the native population and is up to no good. It’s on Rico to liberate the idyllic island from these criminals and of course have a jolly good time doing it.

Just Cause 4 is coming out on December 4th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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