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Get ready to hunt in the Colombian jungle in new teaser for Hitman 2

Get ready to hunt in the Colombian jungle in new teaser for Hitman 2

IO Interactive released a new teaser for their newest assassination simulator Hitman 2. The short teaser unveils one of the new locations with a lavishly dense Colombian jungle. Check out the video to see a very quick glimpse of jungle action.

About three months left until IO Interactive unleashes Hitman 2 to the world and the team is steadily releasing new details along the wait. With today’s news, we get to learn about the second new location of the game. Hitman 2 welcomes us to the jungle and what a gorgeous place that is.

Since the game’s reveal earlier this summer, IOI has primarily focused on Miamito showcase their new game. Indeed, over at Hitman’s official Youtube channelyou can find several videos showing off the new location together with new mechanics. Miami’s dense race track sandbox does offer a more eye-catching presentation, with its dense crowds of people and unique gimmick of an actual race taking place during our stay.

But with this jungle we are being presented now, it’s nice to see that the variety in Hitman 2 extends far beyond just the methods of how we finish our assassination contracts. Colombia’s dense jungle offers a totally different setting. Gone are the crowds of people and buildings were you can evade suspicious glances.

Instead, what we see is a seemingly impenetrable jungle, tempting the player to stealthily circumvent dangerous situations or stalk our prey from thick grass. It’s really reminiscing of the movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger in that sense, which is an awesome thing.

We can only assume that what is shown in the teaser is a secret hideout of a drug cartel. Such is the image of men in ponchos wading through thick grass, armed with assault rifles. The typical sounds of a jungle also could be a hint that not only men with weapons will pose a threat for our bald assassin. It would be pretty sweet to encounter wild panthers.

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