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shows huge Paititi hub in new gameplay video

shows huge Paititi hub in new gameplay video

Square Enix has released a new walkthrough video for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The new clip shows Paititi, one of the locations in the upcoming action-adventure game. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is releasing on Spetember 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Titled “Welcome to Paititi”, Narrative Director Jason Doszois guides us through the walkthrough which takes us to an exotic South American region, depicting a gorgeous settlement full of local charm and indigenous villagers. The settlement is located near some visually striking and imposing ancient ruins and impresses not only with its size – it’s the biggest hub region ever in the modern Tomb Raider trilogy – but also with a bustling and lively community.

Paititi conveys a great atmosphere of an untouched ancient civilization, with even more adventurous journeys to be had by exploring tombs and ancient relics. Lara will now also be able to trade in the marketplace of the settlement and barter for items, clothes and more. Some villagers also serve as quest givers, directing us towards challenge tombs, as is shown in this trailer.

After taking on the quest by a villager to retrieve a legendary bow, Lara sets off through Paititi and ends up at a mysterious entrance at its outskirts. There, we see a new gameplay mechanic in form of repelling. This way, Lara safely descends deep into a cave where platforming and puzzling sections await her.

Developer Eidos Montreal added more than a new traversal mechanic however, as we also learn that crypts hidden in the dense jungle have been beefed up, becoming as large as entire tombs from past games. Very welcome additions which should make exploring the world more alluring. The main narrative of the antagonist secret group Trinity trying to set an apocalyptic Mayan disaster into motion does sound very interesting on its own however, for gamers who don’t like to do side-quests and extra activities.

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