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An audiophile-worthy Bluetooth portable headphone amp

The CEntrance BlueDAC has the Audiophiliac reconsidering his stance on Bluetooth. The CEntrance BlueDAC, left, shown with Audeze iSine 20 in-ear headphones CEntrance As regular Audiophiliac readers may have noticed, I rarely cover Bluetoothproducts. This new portable BlueDAC ($399) from CEntrance is an exception simply because it sounds great and can drive power hungry audiophile headphones that make phones cry […]

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The Incredible Hulk Comic Just Aped Thor: Ragnarok in the Best Possible Way

Though a big part of what made Thor: Ragnarok such a delightful change from Marvel’s other Thor films was its refreshing decision to embrace the visual whimsy of Jack Kirby’s style, the movie also owed a lot to writer Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk storyline from 2006. The series of events that unites Thor, Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie in Ragnarok borrowed heavily […]

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MU Legend – Webzen confirms global Open Beta date for action MMORPG

Developer and global publisher Webzen recently announced that the global Open Beta phase of MU Legend will begin on 7 November 2017, a couple of month after the initial delay. MU Legend will also have a Stress Test on 23 September to deliberately strain the integrity of the game-server infrastructure for Open Beta preparation.   Webzen […]

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