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American City Council Votes To Opt Out Of Pokemon Go

A council in America wants to purge Pokemon Go from its public spaces, the Seattle Times reported. Des Moines councillors claimed the game was damaging local businesses, a drain on police resources and the cause of all sorts of antisocial behaviour. The council voted unanimously to request an opt out after police explained how young […]

After 10 Years, Microsoft Is Finally Discontinuing The Xbox 360

Gemini: Heroes Reborn is Psi-Ops and Dishonored on a budget

Back in 2013, Phosphor Games launched a Kickstarter for an ambitious, open-world, do-whatever-you-want superhero game called Project Awakened. The Kickstarter never reached its funding goal, but Phosphor’s design aesthetic caught the attention of publisher Imperative Entertainment, who tapped the studio to create two games based on the Heroes reboot, Heroes Reborn. The first game, Heroes […]

After 10 Years, Microsoft Is Finally Discontinuing The Xbox 360

Hands On: Battleborn combines the first-person shooter genre with MOBA’s resulting in crazy-fun madness

Similar to Epic Games latest title, Paragon, 2k Games newest First Person Shooter — Battleborn, mixes the classic formula of MOBA’s and brings it to consoles. Battleborn is being developed by the guys who worked on the Borderlands franchise, so that means there are plenty of whacky guns, ecstatic characters, and funny one-liners. This feels […]

Dragon Ball Fusions is heading to the Americas later this year

Preview: We Happy Few has legitimate potential, but a long journey before it is ready

Platforms: PC (previewed), Xbox One Developer: Compulsion Games MSRP: $29.99 Introduction: What I can safely say is that Compulsion Games is trying to do something legitimately new with We Happy Few. When I first saw the game, I thought for sure I was looking at another take on BioShock or Fallout, and to be fair […]

Nintendo Direct: Super Mario Maker announced for Nintendo 3DS

Dragon’s Dogma Online – Persona 5 crossover happening later next month

Capcom announced an intriguing crossover for Dragon’s Dogma Online earlier, as fellow Japanese developer Atlus will be visiting with its own game, Persona 5. From 13 October till 10 November, there will be a few mysterious quests for players to solve, with costumes from Persona 5 characters up for grabs. The costumes do not fit with […]

After 10 Years, Microsoft Is Finally Discontinuing The Xbox 360