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Dragon Ball Fusions is heading to the Americas later this year

Good news Dragon Ball fans, another game is heading your way at the end of this year, and it is called Dragon Ball Fusions. Dragon Ball Fusions is an Action-RPG that will combine Strategy, Fighting, Collecting, and Real-Time Action mechanics with an all new level of customization that has yet to be experienced in the series. […]

Persona 5 English voice cast and PS4 exclusive editions revealed

With Persona 5 releasing next year on both PS3 and PS4, today we got a special reveal with the English voice cast and exclusive editions for PS4 only. The voice cast was only a partial but nearly full with further details to be announced later. Two special editions were announced for PS4 including items such […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon version exclusive Pokemon and content revealed

The Pokemon Company revealed some new and exciting information about Pokemon Sun and Moon today. Probably one of the biggest decisions every trainer faces when a new Pokemon game comes out is, which version to get. It used to be that the Legendary on the Box was the thing that swayed you one way or […]

TERA – The Guilded Age update arrives with more Guild vs Guild action

En Masse Entertainment today has released The Guilded Age, the latest update for action MMORPG, TERA. The update focuses on adding new features for guilds, including a progression system complete with guild-wide skills to unlock. Players can put their guild skills to use in a new weekly event that pits guilds against each other for control […]


After 10 Years, Microsoft Is Finally Discontinuing The Xbox 360

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be making the Xbox 360 video games console. The Xbox 360, launched in 2005, has been available for over a decade but now Microsoft is finally moving on. “The Xbox 360 helped redefine an entire generation of gaming at Microsoft.” notes Xbox lead Phil Spencer. In a […]

American City Council Votes To Opt Out Of Pokemon Go

A council in America wants to purge Pokemon Go from its public spaces, the Seattle Times reported. Des Moines councillors claimed the game was damaging local businesses, a drain on police resources and the cause of all sorts of antisocial behaviour. The council voted unanimously to request an opt out after police explained how young […]

Gemini: Heroes Reborn is Psi-Ops and Dishonored on a budget

Back in 2013, Phosphor Games launched a Kickstarter for an ambitious, open-world, do-whatever-you-want superhero game called Project Awakened. The Kickstarter never reached its funding goal, but Phosphor’s design aesthetic caught the attention of publisher Imperative Entertainment, who tapped the studio to create two games based on the Heroes reboot, Heroes Reborn. The first game, Heroes […]

Preview: Tom Clancy’s The Division hands-on

2013 feels like so long ago. It was at that year’s E3 that Ubisoft revealed Tom Clancy’s The Division, a title that has players taking up the role of a tactical agent working to restore New York City after a pandemic sends the city into chaos on Black Friday. It looks promising, with amazing visuals, […]

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Nintendo Direct: Super Mario Maker announced for Nintendo 3DS

During today’s Nintendo Direct session, Nintendo announced Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS. The game comes with 100 built-in courses designed by Nintendo and Course World, which features levels designed in the Wii U version. Nintendo did note that not every Wii U course will be available in the 3DS version. Mario Maker for […]

Dawn Of War 3 Trailer Heralds The Return Of A Cult Classic Within PC Gaming

Dawn of War might not mean much to those of you who haven’t invested in a gaming PC but for the stalwart few who have turned their backs on consoles, thisvideo game means a lot. Notoriously hard to run on PCs, the Dawn of War series has become something of a cult classic among its […]

Just Dance 2017 full track list revealed

Ubisoft has released the full track list for Just Dance 2017 today. The base game will launch with 40 playable songs from all different genres. The demo is currently available now, featuring “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Beginning last year and continuing with this version, the Just Dance Controller App allows for those without a Kinect […]

Preview: Early impressions from our hands-on time with WWE 2K16

I used to be really into wrestling. We’re talking about the WWE days when Test was with Stephanie McMahon, before D-Generation X and Triple H screwed that up. When The Rock was still a nightly appearance and The People’s  Elbow was a thing of beauty. When Stone Cold Steve Austin would yell ‘What?!’ and smash […]


Black Desert Online – Tamer class awakens in new content update

This week, the gift of Awakening is bestowed upon the Tamer, a sword-wielding melee class that fights side by side with the black wolf Heilang. Tamers across the world of Black Desert can now swap to the new Celestial Bo Staff and enjoy increased mobility while retaining Heilang’s skills and defensive powers. Stay tuned for the next […]

Nintendo confirms that the Wii U is ending production

Nintendo has finally confirmed that the Wii U is preparing to meet it end, after initially denying the rumor from earlier this month. The announcement came via Nintendo’s official Japanese site (via Kotaku). Below the images of the two Wii U consoles currently in production in Japan, it was noted that “Production is scheduled to end soon,” specifically “within […]

Aima – Nexon Korea is shutting down action MMORPG after 14 months

Aima was once a highly-anticipated PC action MMORPG in South Korea, has it was developed by KOG, the makers of classic titles such as Grand Chase and Elsword. With no reason given, Nexon Korea announced the game will be closing on 17 November. It is speculated Aima lacked quality to challenge other games, causing the population […]


MU Legend – Closed Beta registration begins for upcoming global server

Webzen today announced the launch of the official website for its upcoming dark-fantasy hack ‘n’ slash MMORPG, MU Legend. The Korean developer also revealed the opening of MU Legend’s pre-registration phase for the Closed Beta test, scheduled to begin on 25 October. MMO Culture had an interview with Webzen on the game back in April, No related […]

Seventh Rebirth – GungHo tries to revive fortunes with new mobile RPG

GungHo Online Entertainment is one of the biggest game developers in Japan and most famous for its hit mobile game, Puzzle & Dragons. However, since the start of 2015, the company’s revenue has been on a steady decline. Seventh Rebirth was recently announced, and GungHo might be placing big bets on this new mobile RPG to […]

Mount Shu Chronicles – Brief look at latest MMORPG from Perfect World

In January this year, Perfect World China announced that it is shutting down the development of its Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG, World of Jade Dynasty. There was supposed to be a whole circle of marketing efforts around the title, including mobile games, drama series (which is now airing in China), comics, and more. Focus was […]